[Type-Moon X Ishida Akira] Tiger Colosseum Upper [2008-10]

I’m still working on Wa! ch21. Should be out in a week or so. I also should be able to get the remaining 5 chapters before the year ends. In the meantime, here’s some Type-Moon.

Anyway, the one is another one of those spin-off chapters/ anthologies or whatever you want to call it*, I’m not too sure about the details, except that the manga that this chapter came from was supposed to be a tie in with the game of the same name. Incidentally, anyone knows where I can get more of these? These spin-offs don’t seem to get scanned much.


*Seriously, they should just hurry up and adapt more Carnival Phantasm-ish stuffs already. Considering all the many different types of spin-off, 4-koma etc, etc just for each series, that’s more than enough materials for full series with a standard 24min per episode. Even Card Captor Illya’s getting animated. It’s Type-Moon, it’s guaranteed sale – what’s stopping them!? At the very least, I’m hoping to see AATM because I’m a massive Ryougi fanboy.

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2 Responses to [Type-Moon X Ishida Akira] Tiger Colosseum Upper [2008-10]

  1. K' says:

    Fully agree with that picture and your comment.
    Seriously looking forward to the Carnival Phantasm Season 4 with KnK or maybe event MTnY
    Regarding to your “whats stopping them” comment….
    I believe they would want to keep the TYPE MOON hype lasting every year, rather than have it burn out in one big go until the next big TYPE MOON project (common business strategy). Even without saying, they are probably caught up with doing Type Moon festival event.
    Anime aside, type moon main will still be the visual novel games thus I’m more leaning towards Tsukihime II…. but Tsukihime Remake looks… =\ I miss Takeuchi style.

  2. DooD says:

    Tnx so much for picking this up. Was so sad to see this go untranslated for SO long , when close to being finished 😀

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