Wa! (Kojima Akira) – v03 c21

> that “umu”
> that ‘just as planned’
> that quote of wisdom
ex-president confirmed for best girl

Here’s ch21. DL: MF

Anyway, seeing as how HnG isn’t going to be releasing ch19 anytime soon, I guess I’ll go work on ch19 next instead. Should have it out within a week.

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6 Responses to Wa! (Kojima Akira) – v03 c21

  1. pleb says:

    thanks brah

  2. lemonade says:

    what about ch19? you said someone else is doing it. But, will it be there anytime soon?

    Thank you

  3. doll says:

    Thanks! Great project! Waiting for the next chapter!

  4. Lehq says:

    No problem.

    And yeah, I’ll be doing ch19 now since I really have no idea how long it’ll take the other group.

  5. puke says:

    why’d you translate Go as chess

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