Those Who Chase the Ageha – v3ch14

Because the translations got dropped just when there was like 1 volume left…


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7 Responses to Those Who Chase the Ageha – v3ch14

  1. B1 says:

    Your official hero badge is in the post. Seriously though, thanks for picking this up. I’ve lost count of the number of titles I was reading which were summarily abandoned. I seem to remember liking this one quite a bit too.

  2. some1 says:

    well there are other work by same author of this manga, that is “Those Who Hunt Elves”. it only publishes until vol 7 then the publisher goes bankrupt so there are no continuation so i hope you can consider to translate the continuation after finishing this one.

  3. T1 says:

    Thanks for picking this up. I was thinking of doing it too but then real life hit me like it does whenever I want to do something fun 😛 So I’m quite happy you picked this one up especially when there’s only one volume left 😀 Thanks a lot and carry on the great work!

  4. Gabriel says:

    Thank you very much for picking this up. I hope that you can keep translating it until the last chapter. Thanks a lot for your great work.

  5. battlecheeze says:

    Thank you!!

  6. YuriM says:

    Awesome! I was waiting a year and half for this.
    BTW, there is a hilarious manga, named “Rune Soldier”. 2 volumes left.
    And TWHE, of course:)

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