(C79)[Vitamin Gohan] Beloved Noukarin

A doujin focusing on Yuuka Kazami that isn’t about her being portrayed as a battle-crazed sadist with psychotic tendencies. Because as it turns out, it wasn’t Yuuka at all, but is in fact a Yukkuri.

DL: MF(version 1)   MF (Ver 2)

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5 Responses to (C79)[Vitamin Gohan] Beloved Noukarin

  1. allaire says:

    An awesome doujin overall, but not a very good edit. Some QC before releasing this would be nice, don’t you think?
    Are you going to do all of “noukarin” works? Try to contact some people on voile.gensokyo… Dunno.

    • Lehq says:

      If you mean the prologue/ foreword, then I do apologize. What happened was that it was after I had submitted the entry to Manga Updates that I realized I’ve left that page untranslated – I initially dismissed it as just credits etc and only realized that it was relevant to the story later. So I rushed through that page in like 10mins. I assure you, I’ll get a more proper release/ updates on that release.

      • allaire says:

        Not only prologue/foreword. There are some (not critical, but still) misses in editing in general. Leveling is not enough on some pages (black is not black, some visual trash etc). Somewhere font is too big, somewhere it is too small, in some bubbles text is badly centered… Well, stuff like that.

        Some random guide to show you what I am talking about

      • allaire says:

        And by the way, are you going to do rest of the Noukarin’s works? I’m asking you that because several people I know wanted to tl/ed some of them on voile.

      • Lehq says:

        Oh, if there are people wanting to, then I’ll leave it to them.

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