Cromartie – v13 c261

Yes, that’s right, Cromartie High School. So a couple of weeks back, I was lurking one of those scanlators thread on /a/ and one thing led to another, it turns out that Cromartie was dropped because there was official English releases. Unfortunately,according to ANN the English license is defunct at volume 13 and Manga-Updates list the scanlations to be available only till v13 c260. Anyway, I’ll start uploading to Batoto from volume 14 onward.


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5 Responses to Cromartie – v13 c261

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. CouchPotato says:

    Oh, excellent! So glad this has been picked up – I love this ridiculous comedy.

  3. Manny Rivera says:

    Fuck yes!

  4. Cromartiefan says:

    Thank you so much, Was hoping someone would pick up this series.

  5. blingus says:


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