All Around Type-Moon c09

When I saw this chapter, I just knew I have to translate it. Can’t believe it actually happened: a crossover with Card Captor Illya. The scans I used are the Chinese scans provided by Sumisora. However, the translations are from Japanese as I have my own copy of volume 2. Anyway, chapters 6-8 have already been translated and are available on Batoto.


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8 Responses to All Around Type-Moon c09

  1. deca says:

    thank you

  2. thank you…
    and also is there more chapter in 2nd volume????

  3. sol says:

    Are you by any chance also planning to translate Take Moon?

  4. Drinkie says:

    What amuses me about that pic is that Arc and Ryougi Shiki are sitting next to each other without any problems since they are essentially the champions of Gaia and Akasha respectively

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