All Around Type-Moon c10

Here’s the last chapter of AATM volume 2. And what a nice chapter to end it off with too. Sure, I’d prefer some comedic hijinks but hey, a sentimental chapter like this is fine too.

There is also another chapter focusing on the F/Z cast. It hasn’t been released in the tanks yet and is from Type-Moon Ace 8. As usual, you can read it off Batoto.


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2 Responses to All Around Type-Moon c10

  1. mimachima says:

    Thanks for translating AATM. I’ve been longing to continue reading from ch.8 since long time ago, but there’s noone translating them anymore.

    And this chapter really hits the feels.

    Again, thanks!

  2. Karharot says:

    2 years late but still:
    Many thanks for the chapter 🙂

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