Cromartie c284

The music was rather lacking but everything remains great. Also, it’s nice to see that Maaya Sakamoto managed to keep her tone similar to Atsuko Tanaka. There sure are lots of interesting show coming up this season.

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  1. Devlogger says:

    Although I’m always happy to see more Ghost in the Shell material, I don’t think I’d call the Arise series “great”. Anyone who has been a longtime fan of the original works would have deep reservations about the many (sometimes comical, appearancewise) changes that most of the characters underwent. Where should I start? The “young and cute-girl” look never suited Motoko, and her backstory has been significantly altered; and wtf is up with that hairstyle? Why is Batou fat? The only way that a full-body cyborg would have a beer gut is if it was in the design specs, lol. Aramaki–an old man with fully colored hair annnd a balding skullcap? Truthfully, I can’t even see the reasoning behind the changes, at least were appearances are concerned. Anyhoo, this is not a blog for the series, but I just could never see it as even holding a candle to the originals.

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