Melty Blood X c10


My doujins just arrived. Huzzah!


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7 Responses to Melty Blood X c10

  1. ww says:

    Thanks for the chapter, sounds like the translation of melty blood will end soon

  2. Diogo Araujo da Costa says:

    Now there is only the last two chapters of the Manga Melty Blood X and more the last extra chapter of this manga to be translated, finally ending the series Melty Blood Manga Series permanent and completing the saga created by Type-Moon and ECOLE. Now it only remains the series Hana no Miyako!, A spin-off of Melty Blood that passes a few years after the events of Tsukihime and Melty Blood and Arima Miyako shows as main heroine with several new characters. When you see the list of characters that will appear in this manga, I saw Kotomine Kirei and Emiya Kiritsugu being two of the characters that appear in this story and how the two were revived during the events of Fate/tiger colosseum UPPER of PSP game, the story of Hana no Miyako! should be passing around the years 2005 or 2006 and the presence of these two rivals of 4th Holy Grail War will reveal many surprises. Kiritsugu possibly goes to Misaki Town to get information about Tohno Shiki now as’ Satsujinki ‘and the legendary’ Princess of the True Ancestors’ who are hunting the Dead Apostles the world (When Kiritsugu and Irisviel von Einzbern were revived in Fate/Tiger Colosseum UPPER, the curse of Angra Mainyu who killed him is also removed and recovered all its Magecraft back, returning being the famous ‘Magus Killer’) and connect the Tohno family, with Miyako and school wrestlers where she studies, it will start your research there. Kotomine Kirei, working back to the Church, is sent to observe the school, where he studied with Miyako some people with him from the Church and at the same time to investigate the three recent cases involving Tatari that have occurred in recent years ago by reports read by him at the Burial Agency (Ciel this time has no longer lives in Misaki Town and returned to the Burial Agency to resume its work elsewhere) and possibly find some plans Kirei rest of the Reality Marble to try to recreate the Holy Grail War, and this one of the reasons Kiritsugu being stuck in this story.

  3. M says:

    Thanks. Any chance of doing Take Moon after this?

  4. Kuri says:

    :O Is that bomber grape that I see there?

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