Melty Blood X c12 (END)

MBX-v2-c12-01Here you go, the last chapter. So long and thanks for all the fish and whatnots.


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6 Responses to Melty Blood X c12 (END)

  1. TomPen says:

    Uhmm… I don’t know if people have bothered you because of this, but can you scanlate the 8th volume of T-Moon Complex X (the Tsukihime x Fate crossover)? I’ve looked through the site and not even the raws are available.

    Sorry for the bother and thanks in advance.

  2. Diogo Araujo says:

    I liked of ending. Congratulations. But I found out that there is still more extra chapters to really close the series that are the prologue and the last extra chapter that came out only in Type-Moon Ace Vol.7, closing Melty Blood Manga Series definitely. Here is the link for you so you can complete the series:

    I hope you can translate these last chapters. Until next time friend.

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